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Remember the book, ‘Face the Fear and Do It Anyway’ by Dr. Susan Jeffers? Time to move out of your comfort zone and face your fear! There are many faces of fear. Can you now see that what you fear is just an illusion? This one is not even a real fear as it only has one eyebrow. You can take your needle of Divine love and pop it. It is only a fear that you have named and gave power to grow and to become. Now is the time to release and forgive that illusion and let it go. As you forgive, love takes the place of fear. My suggestion to get rid of fear is:
F-Find E-Enlightening A- Answers R-Readily.

Visualize your Affirmation of Love and Peace as a beautiful star with strings attached. Now cut all the strings that are not necessary, the ones of doubt, fear, anger, etc. and just keep the one string of attachment to the wonderful outcome. You can tug on this string whenever you choose to make it happen sooner. Make it fun!

I, (your name) now release all negative fear from my being. I find enlightening answers to my fear and they completely dissolve. I enjoy being free of fear and peaceful to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I fully accept (Sign your name and date it)

When you sign and date your Master Affirmation, you have made a firm and binding contract with your Higher Self, God, or whomever you believe in.

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