imageDR. ANNE MARIE EVERS is the creator of the CARDS OF LIFE. 

Do you have questions and would like answers?  Do you have something you have always wondered about?

Dr. Anne Marie Evers created the Cards of Life seventeen years ago and this website has been on the Internet helping people worldwide for 16+ years.

She is passionate about providing tools to guide people on their journey of life. When creating the Cards of Life, she was guided by the love and wisdom of the Angels.

She combines her vast knowledge of using the power of properly done Affirmations with the Angel Cards of Life in her work and in her readings

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Seasoned Angel Cards of Life  – Member of the Canadian Guidance and Counselling Association; Counsellor Training Institute;   Awarded Honorary Dr. of Psychology by Moffett University;   Therapeutic Touch and Personal Development; Certificates in Child 212;  Best Selling published Author of six soft cover books on Affirmation and numerous e-books;  Counselling Courses – – International New Thought Alliance & World Federation of Unity Churches; Radio/Internet Talk Show Host (10 years consecutively)  and much more.

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