About the Affirmation Cards of Life and Testimonials


Many important aspects of life are covered!

The Angel Cards of Life Were Given to Me by the Angels for which I am very thankful. I could feel their unconditional love and amazing presence at all times when creating and developing these wonderful, guiding Angel Cards of Life. I am so proud of these Cards and most grateful for all the people they have helped over the years and are  helping today.

The Angel Cards of Life Reviewed by Steve McCardell of Seattle Newtimes

“When I first considered reviewing this deck of Cards, I wasn’t too sure about tackling another divination deck on the market. But I was directed to the Website to try the Cards out online, and after a quick reading, I was so delighted with the surprising result that I decided to look further into these Cards of Life. Now you can see my hesitation about new decks and my appreciation of traditional tarot comes of my belief that symbols used by so many people over so long a period have a way of building up something important for reading There are so many new decks today that none ever has a chance of building this important inner nature. But then, it might also be important for decks that open the doorway for new users rather than promising that, ‘You too can read tarot in ten minutes.’ A deck like ‘ The Angel Cards of Life’ may just offer such a doorway.

The Cards of Life On The Go!                                                                                                                                                                         

When I was speaking with one of my associates who volunteers in India and Africa—teaching children how to plant gardens and learn English—she mentioned it would be great to have some flashcards help the children learn English. I remembered I had some extra  cards from The Angel Cards of Life. I took several hundred cards, put labels on them such as―Happiness, Sharing, Love, Dancing, Having Fun, Learning, Forgiveness and more.

I shipped them to her in Africa. She showed them to school officials in both India and Africa, with the intent to implement these flashcards into the school system, which they were!  It is my affirmation that the Angel Cards of Life give love, hope, and help wherever they are led to go.  They are such a blessing to the children in India and Africa. Can’t thank you enough Dr. Evers . . . .   Jill M.

When my husband Reg and I were vacationing in Hawaii, we met two ladies (sisters) from a very small town the Province of Alberta Canada. We started talking with them and they invited us to have a drink with them. While we were visiting, one lady Helen started to tell us about her challenges with her rather nasty divorce and how draining it had been on her and the whole family. She also talked about the fact that she did a great deal of forgiving her ex-husband. Then she said, “I had a best friend who was a ‘God-send’ who really helped me through it.” I said, “It is great to have good friends to talk with when going through life’s challenges, isn’t it?” She stopped for a moment, looked at me and said, “But my best friend was a Website!” My husband  then asked her the name of the website. She said, “The name of was www.cardsoflife.com. Reg and I looked at each other and started to laugh. Reg said, “Why that is my wife, Anne Marie’s Website!”

She was so surprised and happy. She kept thanking me for creating that Website and The Angel Cards of Life, and how accurate they were and most of all how they gave her much needed HOPE to keep going. This just goes to prove that really it is true, the old saying “It’s a small world!”  What were the chances of meeting a person from a small town in a different Province and country on holidays in Hawaii who had been visiting and receiving help from my website? Both Reg and I were totally surprised and thrilled! That was a totally wonderful experience—one which we certainly never expected there in Hawaii!


Hello Anne Marie

My name is Diane and I met you last year in Vancouver. I purchased a set of The Angel Cards of Life and they have been extremely helpful for me. I enjoy their purity and the happy energy they bring me.

Another experience with The Angel Cards of Life.                                                                                                                                                            Sadna was having a difficult with her divorce. Finally she had a court date and asked me if I would drive her and be with her during that time. I agreed and we stopped for lunch at a restaurant. Sheila asked me if I would lay out The Angel Cards of Life for her and especially to see how the court case would turn out. She asked the question, “Will I get my divorce papers today?” When I did The Angel Cards of Life layout, the answer was a definite YES! I really did not want Sadna to be disappointed and as I had some experience working as a legal secretary I felt obliged to say, “You know Sadna that is really not possible to get your divorce papers today as it has a whole process that needs to be followed and it could take several days even after the divorce decree has been granted. She looked and me (and I will never forget) and said, “Anne Marie The Angel Cards of Life say I will get my divorce papers today and I believe them!”

So we drove to the Court House. I was attempting without much success to park in the Court House parking lot. There was a space but it was so narrow I thought I could never fit my car into it. I said, “Please Angels please help.” Just then, out of the blue a very slim, young gentleman came walking up, opened the door to his car, and then came out quickly sort of scratching his head saying, “I really don’t know why I came back here.” I said, quickly, “I do, I know why. Would you please help me and park my car?” He looked at the space (which was right next to his car) was thoughtful for a few moments and then he said, “I think I can do that for you.” He did–that is he parked the car. We asked him where he was going and he said that he was an interpreter for a divorce case. We told him we were going to the same place so we all walked together. When I asked him what his name was he said, “Wynn Wynn.” We went to Court and Sadna was granted her divorce and the judge looked at her and said, “Would you like your divorce papers today? There is a judge across the hall that just had a cancellation and is free to sign the papers now.” Sheila said, “Oh yes, please!”  And guess What? We walked out of the Court House that day with the signed divorce papers in Sadna’s hands, just as The Angel Cards of Life had predicted! Such is the power of The Angel Cards of Life, even when, I, the creator was doubting that Sheila would get her divorce papers that day due to some previous experience and knowledge in my mind, (that certainly was not applicable here.)

Note   She had also been doing her Master and Short Form Affirmations properly and regularly for several weeks before that day.

 Dear Dr. Evers

As I was visiting your websites, I became intrigued with your Angel Cards of Life, which were amazingly spot on. I think you have entered my life at just the right time. Funny how that happens. Toni, Reader from New Zealand

Some Remarks from Readers

. . . .  When I hold the Angel Cards of Life feel such love coming from them. Linda – Love the Angel Cards of Life!

. . . . Your Angel Cards of Life are so uplifting and hopeful. All my clients just love them. Leslie, Angel Cards of Life Reader, N. Vancouver, BC

. . . . Every day I pull one of the Angel Cards of Life for that day’s direction. Now it has become a happy and fun habit. I am purchasing sets for my family and friends. Brad

. . . . Learning to Read the Angel Cards of Life for others and myself has been so rewarding  for me .I just love them. Every home should have a least one set. Thank you for creating these superb, spiritual and down-to- earth Angel Cards Anne Marie! Terrific Job! Regards and caring . . . Darlene N, Nanaimo, BC

Dear Anne Marie

Just a note to say how fortunate I feel to have met you. I absolutely LOVED the Angel Cards of Life Reading you did for me and want to tell you what you told me about my work situation was absolutely right on. The ideas, suggestions and Affirmations you gave me really helped, so that now I am actually looking forward to going to work in the morning. Major change! I am enjoying your Angel Cards of Life so much and they help me daily to live a purposeful life. They teach me to let go and forgive, to shine light on fears and to nurture myself. I am so happy that I too the Angel Cards of Life Certification Course so I, too can read the Cards for others. Tanya from Scotland

. . .  I have been getting practice by reading for friend and family and getting clerks in stores to pick a card. It always bring a smile and surprise at how right the Cards of Life are. I used the Cards to develop some perfect Affirmations for me. It was an exciting find for me. I just kept asking, “Is this the perfect Affirmation for me?” Then the Cards would tell me what to add. As you can see I am very exited, keen and I am committed to developing my card reading skills and confidence. Evelyn, Winnipeg, Canada

Hello Ms Evers

You did an Angel Cards of Life Reading for both my mother and me when I visited Vancouver. I just had to say that I am very thankful for that reading and also feel so blessed to have been guided to you through my dear mother. I instantly felt completely at ease with your wonderfully honest and warm personality and found your reading touched on all of the most important questions that I had been weighted down by.

Your insight has helped me a great deal and I now feel that my life can and will change for the better. If I ask specially for those changes to take affect and know that they will (and always for the best results for everyone involved in these changes  too I cannot  thank you enough for bringing me back to my base belief system and I feel a loving, healthy bond with you. Richard, Sales Manager, Texas U.S.

Dear Anne Marie  – The Angel Cards of Life Predicted coming Grandchild

Thank you for a uplifting, wonderful and delightful afternoon! I just love being with you .Regarding your Angel Cards of Life Reading a few weeks ago, you were right! As always when you read my Cards. Yesterday morning our son Michael called and when he started to say, I have some wonderful news for you…….Ì knew exactly what he was going to say. Yes it was their second baby announcement. Then I told him about you picking up the fertility card and telling me that there was or would be a pregnancy in our family.  Have a wonderful day. You are truly amazing! Sandee, happy to be grandmother to be again

Dear Dr. Anne Marie 

When you read my Cards of Life a few months ago, I was totally intrigued with them, which incidentally were amazingly spot-on. I know you and your Cards of Life have entered into my life at just the right time. The simple, yet very powerful Affirmation Tools that you shared with me in the reading have also been very helpful. Thank you for your wonderful, insightful guidance. Much Affection. Sylvia, single mom from California

Dear Dr. Evers  

When I visited your home for an Angel Cards of Life Reading, I did not know what to expect. I was quite nervous but as soon as I stepped out of my car unto your driveway I felt a wonderful sense of peace come over me. Then when I met you and felt the Angelic and peaceful presence in your home I was totally overcome with love and gratitude. As you laid out The Angel Cards of Life for me I actually felt the words you were saying resonating in my heart. And I am sure you will remember I shed many tears. (those were tears of release).   Gloria, visitor from abroad 

Your Angel Cards of Life are absolutely beautiful and so inspiring. They gave me the hope to go on and important guidance at a particularly difficult time in my life. You, through the Cards, also pointed out several paths and you suggested that I take the one that resonated with me. When I came to see you I was at a crossroads about my long-term relationship. With the totally awesome Affirmation Tools you provide in your readings, wise counsel and the Angel Cards of Life I was able to make the right decision for me. This decision turned out much better than I ever imagined. There should be more people in the world like you who really DO care about others and help gently guide them. I remember you saying to me, “Deborah, remember it is your decision, you are the caption of your ship!” I am singing your praises and telling others about your uplifting, positive and helpful readings. With love & blessings,  Deborah, Programmer, Vancouver Canada

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