Self-Improvement Fear Released – 33

Okay you have had your share of challenges later. When the lightning strikes, it brings with it shafts/bolts of Divine Intelligence and Divine Order. Your firm determination has seen you through the storms of life and NOW it is time to enjoy the sunlight. Bask in your creation of love, peace, joy and happiness. It is time to absorb the wonderful golden light in the shaft of lightening! You have authored this wonderful stream of happiness so now it is time to Enjoy!

To cleanse your body of fear, sit quietly, clear your mind, and choose your favourite colour. Visualize a substance (like honey) flowing throughout your body attracting to it all and any negativity to it. When you feel the exercise is complete, visualize yourself taking a pitcher of sparkling, clear water and pouring it over your head. Now every speck of negativity has been rinsed from your body. You are squeaky-clean!

I, (your name) release all fear and am aware of the Divine Wisdom in the shafts, bolts of lightening and accept wondrous information and wisdom right here and right now Thank you, thank you, thank you. I fully accept (Sign your name and date it)

When you sign and date your Master Affirmation, you have made a firm and binding contract with your Higher Self, God, or whomever you believe in.

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