Self-Esteem – 22

Self esteem
After you have taken the time to forgive, release and let go of unhappy relationships and situations, you are becoming happier and happier.
After you complete the Affirmations of Denial Process, you will find yourself growing, blossoming and becoming. You are a totally wonderful person deserving of all the wonderful gifts of the Universe. Claim them now. Congratulations.

Do the following Affirmations of Denial and see what happens in your life. Say often during the day that you love, respect and approve of yourself. Soon you will soon discover exactly what is keeping you from meeting, having and enjoying that special love relationship.



My Affirmation

I am a good person

I am worthy

I deserve happiness

The Blockage

No, I am worthless

No, my spouse left me

No I don’t, I can’t even get a job or relationship

Now it looks like this!

My Affirmation

I am a good person

I am worthy

I deserve happiness

The Truth

I helped someone in need today I deserve a pat on the back

Yes, I do. I deserve to be happy because I am a good person

and I care about others.

Sample affirmation

I (your name) deserve and now have and keep that lasting, loving relationship with the perfect person for me. We are happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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