Forgiving and Releasing – 05

Yes, it is time to rid yourself of resentment and unhappiness right here and right now. Resentment festers and eats away at your body, emotions and spirit. Forgive yourself, others and situation for any past and present negativity or hurt that has taken place in your life. When you forgive, you can enjoy the beautiful sunlight and happiness to which you are entitled and so deserve. You are drawn to do the right things that are good for your body at this time. The wheels are moving and there is new, fresh creation all around you. Exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, reduce negative stress and enjoy healing from God and Nature. You’re on the right track -it is YOUR right track!

Do what you have always longed to do. Create your life as you wish it to be. Look at yourself in the mirror and say over and over daily, “Hey Self you are a wonderful person. I love, respect and approve of you just the way you are. Thank you, thank you thank you.

I, (your name), now forgive everyone and everything that has ever hurt me. I am whole, perfect, peaceful, powerful, loving, harmonious, prosperous and happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I fully accept (Sign your name and date it)

When you sign and date your Master Affirmation, you have made a firm and binding contract with your Higher Self, God, or whomever you believe in.

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