Play the Internet Angel Cards of Life

IMAGINE—Your OWN Magic Genie at the click of the mouse!

Peek into your future–just a click away. The Cards of Life are designed to uplift you and give you powerful insight and intuition.


Close your eyes, think of a question. Be very specific. Be very careful how you word your questions. Refrain from wording your question–“Will I meet my special love partner?” Instead ask the question, “Will I meet my special love partner within the next three months?” (Be specific) When you have formulated your specific question, say, “Please answer. Thank you, thank you, thank you and then click onto the number you wish and your answer appears with a Hint. You can keep asking questions. I recommend you ask about 3 questions at one time.

I am hooked on the Cards of Life Game. Every day I go and ask questions. It is like having my own personal coach with me. Great idea! – Dave

Personal Readings of the Cards of Life with Dr. Anne Marie Evers, Creator/Reader